Turning Point of Franklin County

Turning Point of Franklin County is a community center for people in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse, addiction and addictive behaviors. Located in St. Albans, Vermont, the Turning Point provides a safe, substance-free environment populated by people in recovery who offer peer support at no cost.

The Turning Point recovery center is founded on true non-denominational spiritual healing and compassion. We hope our outlook will cause ripples of positive social change throughout our community, improving and evaluating the lives of all the people of the Franklin County area.

We recognize that there are many paths to recovery, and we welcome inquiries from recovery groups of all types.

Vermont Recovery Network (VRN) is a group of eleven recovery centers throughout the state. The first center was open in White River Jct. in 1996. Our center was the eleventh in the state when it opened in 2011. Although we are all separate 501(c)(3) non-profit entities we benefit by working together as a network. Other locations can be found at the Network website: www.vtrecoverynetwork.org

*Turning Point is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or any other addiction fellowship or organization.

The Turning Point of Franklin County is now a recipient of the SMILE.AMAZON.COM charity! Please consider selecting our non-profit and supporting your center.
Thanks in advance!


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Monday June 26th @ the Point, AA @ 12:00 CoDA @ 6:30 NA-Rise to Freedom @ 8:00 Peer Recovery Support 9:30-4:30

12 hours ago

Friday June 23rd @ the Point, Free Narcan kits 9:30-11 AA @ 12:00 All Recovery @ 1:00 NCCF The Church at Prison @ 6:30 Peer Recovery Support..

3 days ago